About Us

About Us

Content of Medical Examination

In Hibari Clinic, we provide our patient with various kind of primary care medical services ranging from day-to-day health care to the general wound management as the family doctor. Back in Japan, the first place that one visited when he /she was ill will be the clinic or primary care hospital that near to your home. Then, if needed, patient will get refer to the general hospital or university hospital for specialist consultation. With the same analogy, Hibari Clinic would like to play their part as the “the entrance to treatment”

Greeting Vision & Mission

Hibari Clinic was established in June 2015. Our objective is to enable everyone in Malaysia to have a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Hibari Clinic aims to provide the best medical service to those who are presently living in Malaysia or planning to move here. We have created and environment here with a service culture and experience that is similar to Japan so that you can feel at home with us.

Hibari Clinic is a community-based clinic that focuses on primary care with the objective of resolving your daily health/medical needs. Should you require specialist treatment; we will refer you to the reliable neighbouring medical institution. In addition, we also provide a wide range of remote services.

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance on any health or medical issues. We will do our best to assist you and our Japanese speaking staff will always be there to tend to your needs from the first telephone call to the moment you step out of our doors.

We will give our full commitment to utilize the innovative remote medical services and the spirit of hospitality to ensure everyone have the accessibility of borderless Japanese medical services across the region.


  • We aspire to be undisputable Asia Leader in medical services with excellent customer satisfaction
  • We embrace OMOTENASHI concept in providing our services wholeheartedly
  • We strive to provide beyond expectation customer services at every of your visit
  • We will provide peace of mind primary care services for age group ranging from new born to elderly
  • We train our staff to have Japanese hospitality spirit in providing their services
  • We encourage continuous learning to ensure everyone have the opportunity in long term self-development as well the future growth for the company
  • We value all our workforce and everyone is the asset for the company
  • We will participate and contribute to the development of a more safety and healthier society through our business model
  • We desire to provide our remote medical services across the country and area in the entire Asia region

Doctor & Staff


Dr. Chan Huai Ling

Primary Care Consultant
MBBS (Malaya)